3 Holiday Road Trip Tips from V-W Motors, Inc.

We're quickly approaching one of the busiest travel seasons of the year and while some lucky folks will be hosting at home, the rest of us have to trudge along the highway together. If you're heading a ways away from the Cooperstown, ND, you'll want to make sure that your vehicle is up to the task. So here are three quick tips from our V-W Motors, Inc. car service team to help you out.

  1. Your tires will be bearing the brunt of each mile you rack up, so make sure they're good to go the distance. Grab a pressure gauge, or borrow one from the friendly lady at the gas station, and check the air pressure. Don't forget to check the spare, too, just in case.

  2. Cold air and high speeds will mean that your car will be doing the heavy lifting from your home to your holiday destination. Oil, transmission and brake fluid, radiator coolant, and power steering fluid are among the big ones to check on. Be sure to top up the washer fluid, as well. If you think you're low on anything, don't risk it. A little extra prep now can go a long way in ensuring a smooth ride down the road.

  3. Finally, give the battery a solid once over. If you've had any trouble starting it lately, don't chalk it up to the cold; check it out before you hit the highway with the family in tow.

If you find that you need any extras during your preflight check, give our Cooperstown parts center a ring and we'll get you ready for the trip. Above all, enjoy your holiday!

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