The Viper is now customized to you

You have always had a desire deep within your gut for speed. You know what the limits are, but you have not found a vehicle yet that truly satiates your need. A lot of the sports cars on the road today have the body you want, with sculpted and athletic frames, but the racing stripe look just does not do it for you. Instead, take things to a whole new level with the unique paint-job available with the new Dodge Viper GTC.

The unique turn of the Viper project is the result of the effort to get you that car that is finally, as unique as you are. Whether you want to paint your Viper the exact color of your daughter's eyes, or the wood grain of your Grandfather's old dining table, you can dream big, and test new limits of your own creativity.

Come in to V-W Motors, Inc. and let us help you set a new standard for style around the streets of Cooperstown, ND. Be original with the Dodge Viper like never before.

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