Don't let a good thing go

We all have regrets, but for some that regret is letting go of a good thing, which is why one man recognized an opportunity and seized the moment. When he first saw the 1970 Dodge Challenger he decided he needed to own the car, so he worked and saved until the original owner sold it a few years later, and he has never let that car go.

That kind of dedication is something we expect from owners of Dodge models such as the 2015 Dodge Challenger which has maintained a classic look while offering modern features. Here at V-W Motors, Inc. we believe you should find that perfect new car so we have a great inventory to help you sort out what you are looking for. Here in Cooperstown we know that it's important to seize the day, so stop in to 1002 Rollin Avenue SE whether for a service appointment or to discuss financing and find out what match we can make for you.


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