Freedom, Captured by Jeep and the World Surf League

Jeep is an official sponsor of the World Surf League! The best places to surf are often the most difficult to get to. Jeep and the World Surf League recently journeyed to Trestles and San Clemente, CA, where professional surfers Courtney Conlogue, Malia Manuel, Adam Melling, and others enjoyed the freedom of off-road driving.

"Where I come from we can drive on the beach," says Adam Melling in the video below. "And you know, some of the places are pretty hard to get to in Australia. Having the car that can get through the dunes, get through the sand [can] make it a bit easier, you know, you can get to some remote places, get out and surf with everyone." Watch all the Jeep/WSL YouTube videos to see footage of some talented surfers and tough Jeeps doing what they do best.

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