The Ram brand might take a leaf from FIAT's playbook

That is the FIAT Toro--and while you may be surprised to see an Italian-branded vehicle on the most American truck blog ever... you shouldn't be.

FIAT is a big part of FCA, the company that owns the Ram brand. And with recent murmurings about the Ram brand expanding its new truck model lineup, their Italian friends may be a big help.

Mike Manley at Ram recently expressed a desire to look into the possibility of producing a compact truck to compete with vehicles like the Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado; because while the Ram 1500 does offer a huge variety of options, features, and impressive fuel economy, its girth excludes it from the compact/midsize class.

But if Ram were to consult those that designed and produced that FIAT Toro above, an all-new Ram model could be closer than we think. That type of sharing isn't unheard of, either; the Ram ProMaster was inspired by the platform of a FIAT van, and the new Jeep Renegade took a lot of its base engineering from the FIAT 500X.

So, should the Ram brand and FCA decide to move forward with a midsize, unibody pickup truck, it could be a huge move for the automaker, and for drivers who have been shopping around for a smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicle.

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