Chrysler Aims to Help Michigan Bats

Chrysler and the Chrysler World Headquarters and Technology Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan are trying to make a difference, one bat at a time. Besides being known for their luxury vehicles and efficient cars, Chrysler is doing its part to make sure bats, an extinct species, have a few places around its complex they can call home.

Protecting Michigan’s Bats

Conjuring up images of Dracula and vampires, bats are often referred to as scary creatures of the night. However, Chrysler is trying to change that perspective. The small winged creatures are facing extinction around the world as they’re being forced from their habitats. But bats are not menacing mammals. They do a lot of good. They spread seeds, and by doing that, help other plants grow.

At the FCA US complex, Chrysler has so far constructed just under a dozen bat houses throughout the grounds. These spaces are capable of housing 100-300 bats and their young.

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