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Jeep Vehicles are Made for Weekends

Congratulations! You made it through to another Friday. Now that the weekend is upon us, how are you going to celebrate? If you're the proud owner of an adventurous Jeep vehicle, you have lots of options. You can tackle tough terrain, tame the trails, or simply escape the pavement for a respite from the fray. Whatever your plans, you can trust Jeep to have your back.

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Get a New Jeep Grand Cherokee at the Big Finish Event

Every year around the holidays millions of kids around the world get their dream gifts for Christmas. As we get older the holidays become less and less special as we get less and less excited about receiving gifts. It's natural for this to happen but it's a little depressing. Well never fear because now with the Jeep Big Finish Event adults can get their dream gifts for Christmas too.

One of the things…

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Block or Rock, the Renegade Takes it all On

Change never comes easy, even for those of us who like to think that we are adventurous and easily adaptable. But when a drastic shift is delivered with little warning, like in the case of the facelift of the Jeep Cherokee, it can still be a stiff drink to swallow. That is why here at V-W Motors, Inc we wanted to give you ample time to get used to the newcomer to the Jeep family…

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Chrysler Puts up Big Sales Figures in July

For 40 incredible months in a row, Chrysler's year-over-year sales have consistently improved. As every month passes, Chrysler finds that their numbers are higher than that same month in the year before. July brings favorable results once again as the 2013 sales have outdone the 2012 figures by a solid margin.

A 12 percent improvement was achieved over last year. This gain is attributed to the sales of more than 140,000 new Chrysler…

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