Hard Work Requires a Hard-Working Truck, So Choose a Ram Pickup Today

At V-W Motors, we do what we can to help workers in North Dakota get a vehicle that accommodates their daily needs. One way we do so is by keeping our inventory stocked with an excellent selection of new Ram pickup trucks. Backed by one of these formidable models, you will be relieved of stress because they will provide you the support you need to tow every heavy workload. To illustrate just how powerful Ram trucks actually are, we compared its towing capabilities to some of the most common weights below.


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The light duty option is the Ram 1500. A proper configuration of components will allow it to tow a max towing capacity of 10,690 pounds. In turn, the heavy duty options are the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500. Integrated with the right powertrain, they achieve a higher max towing capacity of up to 17,980 and 31,210 pounds, respectively. Contrast these figures to the weights of construction equipment like skid steers (approx. 8,000 pounds) and agricultural equipment like a New Holland Bale Wagon (approx. 5,500-16,000 pounds), and it is easy to see how owning a Ram comes in handy around the job site.

Now your turn has come to test a new Ram pickup truck firsthand! So see how you will benefit with its power in your grip and visit our Cooperstown dealership today!

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