Drive Safe to Keep Halloween Fun For Everyone

Halloween is a fun time of year for Americans all over the country. It is a festive time where kids rule the night (and get way too much candy). To keep this holiday safe, it's suggested that drivers taking to the road adhere to some safety guidelines to help avoid accidents.

Make sure when operating a vehicle during Halloween that you drive slow and steady. Kids will be running rampant through the night, so keep your foot on the brakes, your headlights on, and your eyes on the road. Put away distractions like cell phones and don't drive inebriated under any circumstances.

If you're planning on adventuring into the night yourself, try and keep your family and friends safe by wearing light colored costumes. Otherwise, use flashlights and reflective tape to help make costumes more visible to people on the road.

We all play a part in making sure Halloween is a fun and safe day for everyone. To learn more about what you can do to keep Halloween safe, consider contacting V-W Motors in Cooperstown, ND. Our expert service staff can give you advice and performance maintenance on your car so it's ready to respond to anything.

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