Cooperstown Drivers Can Take Charge in the Ram 2500

Powertrain capabilities is what drivers can depend on when the journey takes you off the paved roads. In our new 2017 Ram 2500 SLT Truck Crew Cab, you can drive with confidents with the off-roading capabilities as well as safety features you expect from a Ram.

Ram 2500 drivers can adjust to handle any terrain. Achieve up to 9.2-inches of ground clearance and a 25-degree approach angle to crawl over rocks and uneven terrain. Six speed automatic transmission creates both a powerful and efficient driving experience with improved fuel economy in addition to 350 horsepower capabilities.

Ram drivers can depend on the standard safety features available in a Ram 2500 designed to keep you in control of your truck and your surroundings. In addition to brake assist and anti-lock braking system, Electronic Stability Control works to keep drivers in control of the Ram when traction is lost on slippery surfaces such as ice. The Panic Alarm is a feature available to Ram drivers to control the area around the vehicle should an attacker appear. When activated, the truck’s headlights will turn on while the park lights flash and the horn will sound. The alarm will remain activated for three minutes unless ended by the PANIC button being pressed a second time or the Ram reaches speeds of five miles per hour.

Interested in learning more about the Ram 2500 power and safety features? North Dakota drivers near Cooperstown, Valley City, New Rockford, Mayville, and Finley can stop by V-W Motors, Inc. for a test drive today.

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